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IGN: ItsLars
By ItsLars » 3 months ago
Changelog 2.1.1 - Ready for opening
Hi everyone,
This the changelog of update 2.1.1 - 'Ready for opening'.
Finally, it's time for the server to open. Before it opens, we'll show you the additional changes we introduced!
The lobby

- Updated the friend system
- Reworked the website shop. Check it out! We now sell ranks and ILW Credits.

- 2 additional parkours are built! They're waiting for you!
- Added a crate buyer. You can now buy crates with ILW Credits!
- You now get ILW Credits when you get a duplicate item in a crate.

- Added a coins buyer. You can buy coins with ILW Credits!
- Added a crate buyer. You can also buy Prison Crates with ILW Credits!

We hope to see you soon!

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