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IGN: legofreak107
By legofreak107 » 3 months ago
ItsLarsWorld Survival
Survival Lobby

The ItsLarsWorld Survival server is made for people who like survivalling on a totally new level!
ItsLarsWorld Survival (ILWSurvival) has some awesome things to offer!
Starting off with the Enchanting Tokens! Enchant tools, armor and other things using these tokens! Receive them by unboxing vote crates and start enchanting!
Second, ILW Machines! Go ahead and create your own machines! A special workbench? A compressor, quarry? Or even a nuclear reactor!
Manage those machines and equip yourself with a automatic mining & sorting system!
What are you waiting for? Get your mining crew together and start playing right now!

Make sure you post some screens of your awesome builds!

Play now on

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