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IGN: legofreak107
By legofreak107 » 3 months ago
KitPvP (BuildFFA)
ItsLarsWorld KitPvP
KitPvP Map

The ItsLarsWorld KitPvP server is made for people who like the old classic 1.7/1.8 pvp! Our special custom made BuildFFA/KitPvP server provides you with a cool and unique gameplay experience! Join the server, edit your hotbar to your own style, receive your kit, jump down & start fighting! Conquer the top ELO position or one of the other 4 top boards! Receive cool rewards at the end of the kitpvp season! Let your friends join and get a minimum of 3 people online to start one of the 3 events! KOTH, Alien Invasion or the Gem Mine! Collect resources using these event and craft awesome cosmetics! What are you waiting for? Come on and take a look!

Play now on

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