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By ItsLars » 3 months ago
Changelog 2.0.1 - A server rebuild
Hi everyone,
This is the changelog of update 2.0.1: 'A server rebuild'.
After 2 weeks of offlinetime, the server will finaly open again on saturday 17 november.
Make sure to take a look when you're around!

ILW Lobby

- Reworked the prestige system. It now has less bugs, and it's AFK-based
- Added an interactive AFK system
- Added a vote system with rewards
- Reworked the website
- Made a global credit system (which doesn't currently serve a purpose yet, this will follow very soon!)

- An entirely new lobby was built
- Reworked the cosmetics plugin to be functional and fun
- Added interactive server selection NPC's
- Added a fully new way of opening crates
- Reworked the scoreboard

- Added voxelsniper to rank perks

- Added vote rewards for the Prison gamemode

- Added vote rewards for the KitPVP gamemode
- Added armor colors that allow you to look cool whilst smashing other people
- Reworked KitPVP events

- Survival is currently closed for maintenance, it will receive a major rework with improvements and new things!

Have we made you curious? We invite you to take a look! Join, and have fun with us!

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