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Very nice application Tim! Very detailed and your English grammar is on point! I wish you best luck in your journey to become a future staff member!
3 months ago
ItsLarsWorld Prison
Survival Lobby

The ItsLarsWorld Prison server is made for people who like mining, fighting and building! Its a mix of all! Join the prison server and start mining in mine A purchase yourself a higher rank! Each rank comes with their own mine! Each mine has their own price and items! Start mining, collect items, use these items on your plot and rankup! Rank up from A to Z and prestige! After a prestige you start at A again! Redo this untill prestige 11 and then you are free! Explore the world and start a "normal" survival, or earn money in all available mines and gamble!

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3 months ago
KitPvP (BuildFFA)
ItsLarsWorld KitPvP
KitPvP Map

The ItsLarsWorld KitPvP server is made for people who like the old classic 1.7/1.8 pvp! Our special custom made BuildFFA/KitPvP server provides you with a cool and unique gameplay experience! Join the server, edit your hotbar to your own style, receive your kit, jump down & start fighting! Conquer the top ELO position or one of the other 4 top boards! Receive cool rewards at the end of the kitpvp season! Let your friends join and get a minimum of 3 people online to start one of the 3 events! KOTH, Alien Invasion or the Gem Mine! Collect resources using these event and craft awesome cosmetics! What are you waiting for? Come on and take a look!

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3 months ago
ItsLarsWorld Survival
Survival Lobby

The ItsLarsWorld Survival server is made for people who like survivalling on a totally new level!
ItsLarsWorld Survival (ILWSurvival) has some awesome things to offer!
Starting off with the Enchanting Tokens! Enchant tools, armor and other things using these tokens! Receive them by unboxing vote crates and start enchanting!
Second, ILW Machines! Go ahead and create your own machines! A special workbench? A compressor, quarry? Or even a nuclear reactor!
Manage those machines and equip yourself with a automatic mining & sorting system!
What are you waiting for? Get your mining crew together and start playing right now!

Make sure you post some screens of your awesome builds!

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3 months ago
ItsLarsWorld Creative Plots
Creaative Lobby

The ItsLarsWorld Creative plots are ideal for people who like building!
With our big and small plots there a lot of space for you to build your own structures and buildings!
For the people who like using WorldEdit/VoxelSniper there is also an possibility!
With a rank you receive acces to WorldEdit and VoxelSniper!
With WorldEdit and VoxelSniper you can build even bigger and better builds!
Ranked players also receive acces to more plots and the BIG plots!

Make sure you post some screens of your awesome plot and invite other people to watch it!

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3 months ago